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Our Mission:

To travel our corner of the world leaving every destination cleaner than when we found it.

Our Materials:

  • Found Metal Bottle Caps

  • Wood headed for the landfill

  • Aluminum cans left un-recycled

Plastic pollution in the ocean has become so pervasive that it is expected to outweigh all fish in the sea by 2050. No part of the world is left untouched by this epidemic and there are pioneers everywhere trying to do something about the 6 billion metric tons of plastic that is not recycled.

Craig Leeson, with his documentary 'A Plastic Ocean', hit the Netflix watching world with a wake up call to our plastic problem. Ecodream of Puebla Mexico is building entire homes completely out of plastic for under 300$.

My aim with Tin Wolf is to pioneer a way to encourage people to recycle while creating a paradigm shift away from the use of plastic. It is our mission to embrace materials that are normally headed for the trash and transform them into art worthy of being shared. Our resources our finite, our oceans consumed with rubbish; we walk among dinosaurs & have the power to keep them here with us. With every art piece you buy we will clean one pound of trash from the ocean.
Humanity owes Mother Earth an immense debt of gratitude, this is my payment.

Be the change & think past the plastic.

-Pamela Villalobos, Tin Wolf